Small Town Mother’s Day

I’m obsessed with Shipt.  Are you familiar with it? It’s this new service coming to our Small Town in which you can order your groceries via an app and have them delivered to your front porch within an hour. WITHIN AN HOUR!  This service doesn’t actually start in Grand Haven until May 25th, but I’m already dying about it. Seriously, I’ve stopped counting down the days until the end of school and started counting down the days until Shipt starts. You have to understand, I haven’t been grocery shopping in over a month. OVER A MONTH! And my kids are tired of subsisting on ketchup and Lucky Charms (dry, because I found out today that our milk is a week overdue). Actually, they’ve been subsisting on gas station food. Sheila, the morning clerk at Shell has become a friend, and as I was grabbing my gas station coffee on Friday she asked, “Are you still out of cream?” Which is slightly embarrassing because I told her I was out of cream on Monday…and 5 days later, well, still no change. She also knows my kids’ breakfast order: 1 Apple Juice, 1 Luna Bar, 1 PopTart, and 1 Vernors.  The total is $8.56, and this is what we’ve been eating for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past week.

It’s not that I don’t necessarily have time to go to the grocery store, I mean I’ve had the opportunity to watch 9 episodes of The Client List on Netflix since Monday, so I probably could’ve actually gone shopping; it’s just that by the time I get home from a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is run to the store…or cook dinner…or clean the house.  (Have I told you about Ruth in Punta Cana?  If not, read here to understand why I should probably move the the D.R.) And it’s not that I haven’t gone to the store at all. In fact, last night I was asked to bring a salad to our Mother’s Day celebration, so I stopped at D & W and grabbed 2 pre-made Michigan salads (you know, the one with dried cherries, blue cheese crumbles, walnuts, and hard-boiled eggs) and placed them in a salad bowl to look semi-homemade-ish.  Honestly, I served this with half a bottle of salad dressing poured into a little mason jar, and all of a sudden, I was Susie Homemaker!

But seriously, this is why I’m obsessed with Shipt.  Because really, that’s all we all want, right? Time. Time to hang out with our kiddos…or time to watch Netflix if we so choose…time to drink a glass of wine with our girlfriends…or time to just sit.  Seriously, what I wouldn’t give for a moment to JUST SIT.  

So on this Mother’s Day, I’m counting down the days until my groceries end up on my doorstep and I can actually feed my children something of substance without actually taking the time to drive to the store to buy it…and in the meantime, I am just grateful for Sheila at the Shell station who encourages me every morning with a bright smile as I buy my kids Luna Bars and Pop Tarts, and I’m grateful for my kids who think that gas station breakfasts are pretty much the best thing ever anyway.  I’m grateful for my hubby who is content with pre-packaged salad and a rotisserie chicken and considers it a homemade meal, and I’m grateful for all of my momma friends out there who are also doing their best to keep it all together and never judge me because they know that they too might hit a phase of life in which Shipt might become their saving grace.  Most of all, on this Mother’s Day, I’m just grateful.  Crazy-paced life and all, now that I have a personal grocery shopper, I wouldn’t change a thing…well, I’d like a clean house too…in fact, I’m looking into hiring a cleaning lady…but that’s a story for another time.

Blessings on this warm, sunny Small-Town Mother’s Day!